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Spanish tutor online Empty Spanish tutor online

Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:29 am
¡Hola! My name is Anna and I have been teaching and living Spanish for over six years. I am a certified online Spanish tutor at I invite you on this journey with me. In my teaching practice, I have tried many forms of education: classical tutoring at home, courses, online classes. At the same time, while studying in Spain, I realized that you need to attack the language from different sides if you want to master it, and not just learn all the time. That is why I suggest listening, speaking, learning to write, and understand the logic of the language. To do this, don’t use the “flipped class” method when you master the theory at home, and in the lesson, we apply what we have learned in practice. Don't panic! I am sending you the whole theory, there will be not only books but also a video explanation of the complex. This way we save time so that we can talk more in the lesson and not do the exercises! The advantages of combining video tutorials for tutoring: - flexible scheduling; - cheaper; - a more conscious study of the material; - the ability to view explanations an infinite number of times and return to them, if necessary; - self-study under the guidance of a real person.
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